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chaat recipe

Chaat is a tasty, mouthwatering and tangy street food. Chaats are an integral part of North Indian Cuisines and other states. Now it has become favorite all over the country. Usually chaat snacks are served in small carts and stall in India. Chaats were known as the street food in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Delhi and few North Indian States but now is found in the Indian restaurants, parties, weddings and occasions.

Chaat are popularly eaten at snack time. It is a light street food especially like by the children and young for their spicy and tangy flavor.

There are a variety of chaats but the ingredients are mostly common. The items used to make the chaats are chopped onions, grated raddish, chopped tomatoes, chopped cilantro or coriander leaves, thin sev, potato pieces, crispy fried bread, roasted peanut and papdis. The other ingredients used for the flavor are lemon juice , pomegranate seeds, salt, black salt, beaten sweetened curd, roasted cumin powder, red chili powder, chaat chutneys (green chutney, tamrind chutney and red chutney) and chaat masala (mixture of spices consisting of amchur, cumin seeds, black salt, dried ginger, fennel seeds or sauf, black pepper and red chill powder).

There are three popular chutneys used in chaats green chutney, tamrind chutney and red chutney. Mostly in Chaat used two type of chutneys (green and tamrind chutneys). If you want extra spicy, then used red chutney.

  • Green Chutney :——- A spicy green chutney is made of corinder leaves, mint leaves, onion, green chill, lemon juice and salt.
  • Tamarind Chutney:–    A sweet chutney is made of tamrind, dates, jaggery or gur, salt, roasted cumin seed and red chill powder.
  • Red Chutney:——–    This red chutney is made of dry red chill, garlic, ginger and salt.

Popular Chaats Varities

  1. Panipuri Chaat Recipe—— It is a popular street food in India. Panipuri is made of puchka or golgappa are stuffed with boiled potato pieces, sprout, chutney, spicy tangy water and spices.
  2. Sukha Puri Recipe —   Sukha puri is crispy, spicy and tangy snacks recipe. It is made of with pani puri, boiled potato, soaked kala     chana, lemon juice and spices, garnish with coriander leaves.
  3. Aloo Tikki Chole Recipe —–Aloo tikki chole is made of crisp & browned spiced potato or aloo tikki served with spicy cholecurry  along with sweet chutney, green chutney and spices.
  4. Macaroni chaat Recipe —–  Macaroni chaat is a mouthwatering combination of boiled and drained macaroni pasta tossed with stir fried vegetables and a creamy cheese sauce.
  5. Samosa Chaat Recipe ——   Samosa chaat is made of samosa, chole, chutney and spices. Garnish with coriander leaf and chopped onion. It is a popular Indian savory snack available in several variations. It is spicy, tangy and delicious snacks recipe.
  6. Aloo Chana Chaat Recipe–   It is a spicy, tangy and chatpata chaat recipe. Aloo chana chaat is one such awesome chaat which is very simple to prepare. Aloo chana chaat is made of boiled aloo and chick pea or chana, chutney and spices.
  7. Dahi Vada Recipe—  Dahi vada is a popular Nort India snack. Dahi bhalla is made of fried urad dal or moong dal balls and served with  thick curd-yougurt and garnished with tamrind chutney, coriander or mint leaves, red chili powder, chaat masala and roasted cumin powder.
  8. Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe–Shakarkandi ki chaat recipe is healthy, tasty and spicy Fasting dish. It is made during fasting or as snack. Chaat is also prepared during navratri fasting.
  9. Sev Dahi Puri Recipe —– Sev dahi puri is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Snacks. It is made of puri filled with sweet curd, boiled potato, sev, onion , tomato, chutney and spices.
  10. Sev Puri Recipe —–  Sev puri is a spicy, sweet and tangy recipe. It is made of chutney, puri, boiled potato, onion, tomato, sev, chaat   masala and spices.
  11. Bhelpuri Recipe —— Bhel puri is made of puffed rice , boiled potatoes, onion, green chill, sev, roasted peanut, green chutney             and tangy sweet chutney.
  12. Chana Dal Bhel Recipe——Chana Dal Bhel is an easy and quick snack to be served in tea time. Chana dal bhel is another variation of bhel apart from sukha bhelpuri and bhelpuri recipe.
  13. Sukha Bhelpuri Recipe—– Sukha Bhelpuri is made of puffed rice , grated carrot, papdi, onion, green chill, sev, roasted peanut, lemon juice, tomato, masala chana dal and spices.
  14. Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe — It is a popular chaat snack which is sweet, spicy and tangy. Dahi papdi chaat is made of sweet curd, crispy papdi, boiled potato, sprout and Indian spices.
  15. Papdi Chaat Recipe—- Papri chaat, paapri chaat or papdi chaat is a popular traditional fast food and street food from the North         Indian. It is very delicious, spicy and tasty chaat recipe. Papdi are topped with boiled potatoes, boiled chick pea, yogurt, chutneys and sev.
  16. Dahi Vada Chaat Recipe —- It is a popular snacks in North India. Dahi vada chaat is made of dahi bhalla, papadi, boiled potato,   pomegranate and Indian spices.
  17. Sweet Corn Chaat Recipe —   Boiled corn are tossed with onion, green chili, lemon juice, coriander leaves, mint leaves, red chili powder and chaat masala, makes a flavorful evening snack dish.
  18. Kabuli Chana Chaat Recipe  –Kabuli chana recipe is easy to make, tasty and tangy Indian chaat snacks. It is made of boiled kabuli chana fried with spices and grated coconut.
  19. Kala Chana Chaat Recipe —  Kala chana chaat recipe is easy to make, tasty and tangy Indian snacks. It is very nice side dish with poori or as snacks. Chana masala is a spicy dish normally prepared with sooji halwa on the last day of Navratri.
  20. White Pea Chaat Recipe —- White pea chaat is a mixture of boiled white pea, potato, onion, tomato, coriander leaves, chutney, sev and spices.
  21. Chatpat Aloo Chaat Recipe –Chatpata aloo chaat is made by using fried aloo-potato, spices and tamarind chutney. Aloo Chaat is very easy to prepare chaat recipe. Aloo Chaat is a delicious and spicy recipe.
  22. Spicy Shakarkandi Chaat Recipe—-  Spicy Shakarkandi Recipe is made by using fried shakarkandi, green chilies, cumin seed and coriander leaves. Spicy Shakarkandi Recipe is a spicy and tasty chaat recipe. You can eat in navratri fast or as a snack.
  23. Ragda Patties Recipe ———  It is a famous street food in South India. Ragda patties is made of fried aloo tikki served with boiled white pea, chutney and spices.
  24. Sprout Moong Chaat Recipe —- Sprouted moong chaat is a very colorful and refreshing snack recipe. It is made of sprouted moong mixed with tomato, cucumber, onion, green chili, lemon juice, raisins and salt, garnish with coriander leaves. We can also mix various vegetable to make them more nutritious and healthy. You can serve as breakfast or snacks.
  25. Fruit Chaat Recipe— —  Fruit chaat recipe is made of different type of fruit, lemon juice and apple juice. We can also mix various fruits  juice to make them more nutritious.
  26. Aloo Tikki Recipe —–Aloo ki Tikki  is made of crisp & browned spiced potato tikki topped with curd, chutney, onion, coriander and spices.
  27. Pakora Chaat Recipe — It is a made of crispy fried palak pakora or methi pakora topped with spicy green chutney, sweet tangy tamrind chutney, onion, sev and spices.
  28. Ram Ladoo Recipe—-Ram ladoo recipe is famous Indian street food recipe. These are basically fried pakora made fram moong dal and channa dal batter. These pakoras are served with grated radish, chutney and lemon juice.
  29. Raj Kachori Recipe—- Raj kachori recipe is a mouth watering and spicy chaat bowl filled with delicious condiments. Raj kachori is stuffed with green chutney, tamarind chutney, dahi bade, sprout moong, potato, papdi and yogurt. Garnish with pomegranate, coriander leaves and fine sev.
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